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Q&A session with Nick Rose, Volvo CE’s Director Rental & Remarketing Europe, Middle East & Africa regarding their new app

QCR: What is the purpose of the Volvo app?

Nick Rose:  It allows our customers to be able to search and locate used equipment across Europe, the Middle East and Africa in addition to our normal website where we have listings for all of those machines. What we have done is integrating that real time data to feed the app and therefore customers on the move – working in job sites, moving around in the construction industry, can use their mobile devices to search for used equipment which they might need for some of their projects.

QCR: How did Volvo come about developing this new app?

NR: I am responsible for rental and remarketing and EMEA and one of the things we do is support our dealers in terms of technical support or we provide a number of tools to support our dealers, to enable them to be more efficient in handling used equipment. We realised that one of the best ways to attract more customers for our dealers is to look at new ways, including the Internet, apple iPhones and mobile devices. We are receiving about 160,000 product card views on the normal used equipment listing site on the internet and we think that more and more customers and users are accessing the internet with mobile devices and that up to 40% of searches can take place on a mobile device. We want to be part of that within our strategic approach and we think that we will increase our product card views from 160,000 to more than 200,000 plus, when this app gets established.

QCR: Were any clients involved in the development process?

NR: We work very closely with some of our suppliers and we know that generally more and more users are browsing the Internet through mobile devices. In the development phase of the app, we involved some customers from our industry to come and help us test it and we had some good suggestions from some of our customers and, as a result, we actually changed some of the functionalities in the app. We also receive the analytical data from the number of visits on our website and specifically the number of product card views and the number of contact requests that it generates. Some of our suppliers are also able to provide us with analytical data on mobile devices users and how many of them searched for equipment using their mobiles and tablets. We just wanted to be ahead of the game in releasing this app for our customers and it helps our dealers increase their customer database. It also enables us to have more contact with our customers on used equipment and allows us to offer other Volvo products and services to those same customers.

QCR: So the solutions for this app are twofold?

NR: Absolutely, because it helps our dealers to attract more customers. If a customer would like to buy used equipment from a Volvo dealer, they couldn’t go to a better place in terms of having the machines properly inspected and cleaned and offered in a professional way.  We also have the Volvo approved used programme for which certain machines qualify; these are refurbished to Volvo standards and they come with a certificate and with a Volvo construction equipment warranty. It’s one of the best ways to buy used equipment. Volvo approved used gives the customer peace of mind and a reliable machine and hopefully satisfies the customers’ budget.

QCR: How important is Qatar as a market for Volvo?

NR: Greatly important in the Middle East region and also in the EMEA region and we understand that there is considerable investment going into Qatar and as a result, a number of construction projects are taking place. We work very closely with our dealer in Qatar, ARACO, and they are doing a great job for us; we intend to support them in order to maximise the opportunities in Qatar with Volvo products.

About Volvo Construction Equipment

Volvo Construction Equipment’s products and services are delivered in more than 125 countries through proprietary or independent dealerships. Customers are using Volvo machines in quarries & aggregates, energy related industries (oil & gas), heavy infrastructure, utilities, road construction, building, demolition, recycling industry, industrial material handling, and forestry industry. Our product range includes wheeled and crawler excavators (diggers), articulated haulers (dumpers, dump trucks), scraper haulers, wheel loaders, pipelayers, demolition equipment, waste handlers, motor graders, pavers, compactors, milling equipment, tack distributors, road wideners, material transfer vehicles and a range of compact equipment such as mini loaders, mini excavators, backhoe loaders and skidsteer loadersLearn more about Volvo machines in our brochure, or via the regional and local Volvo websites in your area. Through our global distribution network, we can offer worldclass after-market support with Volvo parts, service and support agreements, as well as used equipment sales and leasing. Financial offerings via Volvo Financial Services are also available through our dealers. Manufacturing facilities are located in Sweden, Germany, France, Poland, the US, Canada, Brazil, Korea, China and India.

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