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Project Qatar 2015, the 12th International Construction Technology & Building Materials Exhibition, will be happening at the Qatar National Convention Centre (QNCC), from 4 – 7 May. The trade show draws important buyers and industry leaders hoping to find the most up-to-date technology and state-of-the art equipment available on the international market. Project Qatar is now established as Qatar’s most important construction exhibition for highlighting the latest products and services required for Qatari’s rapidly growing construction sector and has become the destination of choice for regional and international industry professionals alike.


Project Qatar Industry Review – September 2014

Project Qatar (PQ) 2014, the 11th International Construction Technology & Building Materials Exhibition earlier in May this year, was a phenomenal live event. It featured 2,100 exhibiting companies from countries worldwide and had 48,953 visitors. For the first time ever PQ was held at the multi-award winning state of the art venue the Qatar National Convention Centre (QNCC). The show included two concurrent events: Qatar StoneTech 2014 and Heavy Max 2014, as well as two specialized conferences under the PQ Business Intelligence Series LightingTech Qatar and HVACTech Qatar.

In this Qatar Construction Review Special Report we look back at the Project Qatar experience and what you can expect as an exhibitor – if you have not already been to this standout construction trade show. We will also bring you an interview with Nick Rose, Volvo CE’s Director Rental & Remarketing Europe, Middle East & Africa regarding their new app. Finally, we map out the route to excellence in the construction industry with Carmen Andre from the Dirextra Construction Business School. Welcome back everybody – we hope that you all had very nice holidays and wish you every success for your project endeavours from now till the end of the year.

Exhibiting at Project Qatar 2014…

QCR top 5 highlights of Project Qatar 2014

  • Map Your Show
  • The QNCC Venue
  • The event organisation
  • Unique atmosphere of networking and opportunities
  • The huge scale of the exhibition

Of course most of you will have been to Project Qatar before and will already know what a wonderful city Doha is. It is absolutely safe, with plenty of things to do as a visitor. There is a very good choice of hotels, restaurants and shopping. PQ finished at 10.00 p.m. daily and the streets were still full of people with many venues open in the cooler night air.

I have to say that before we arrived in Doha, the team was already very excited about PQ. The organisation in the run-up to the show was first class, by which I mean communication: everything one needed to know about participating was delivered well ahead of time, making the logistics very easy with their partners. Moreover, there was always someone on hand to assist with any enquiry; however, the exhibition manual was very comprehensive. In addition, a press conference was held one week before the event detailing in depth what was to be expected in this year’s live show.

Something that we particularly liked was the ability to build networks and have communications with visitors and other exhibitors attending the show through the ‘Map Your Show’ online resources before we arrived in Doha. ( It is the online element of the exhibition, so had the exhibitor directory, full floor plan, meeting scheduler, email notifications to you when a potential client wanted a meeting at the show, ability to send personalised and standard emails, and of course analytics on how many times your listings had been visited and other data. All that, and the new PQ mobile app, meant that being absolutely prepared at the live event to make those key contacts specific to ones’ business of the day, was straight forward.

That said, when we arrived for the live show, nothing could prepare us for the sheer scale and size of the event at the new location. The QNCC is a state of art modern building with all the contemporary facilities one would expect in any western premier venue. However, Project Qatar is unlike any other exhibition platform.

First of all, once on site, the administration of things was all very smooth with plenty of information to get you to your allocated stand and have access to all the contracted services during the building day of the exhibition.Everything was very well organised .

On the opening day of the exhibition, you could see straight away that there are endless opportunities for networking with visitors and other exhibitors as well. There were many countries under one roof with different styles of doing business, but all there with the same purpose. Many construction projects are underway in Qatar, and everyone present at the show knew this and, more importantly, that the future plans of the country are encompassed in the 2030 National Vision.

There was a real sense of purpose, with agreements and deals being struck at PQ – in a fashion unlike any other exhibition we have attended before. This is probably a direct result of the government’s well-documented infrastructure and development plans and the Gulf State’s long-term financial clout and security of GDP allocated for this.

It is also worth mentioning that the stability of the Qatari government is another big pull for international business and not just the financial power. With the time frames involved, people were there to do business and the opportunities were many.

It has to be said that the contacts made at PQ can easily keep companies busy for several months. For international construction companies wanting to enter this lucrative market, there can be no other recommendation than taking advantage of the next live event in May 2015. It will not be long before we see levels of investment for construction projects in Qatar top the peaks of 2008 – this means the next 18 months will be frenetic and full of opportunities for the right construction companies in Qatar.

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