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Tendering Special: The complete proposal

As 2014 draws to a close, we have had more than enough indication of what to expect next year in terms of the pace, commitment and determination of the Qatari authorities and the country’s unprecedented infrastructure progress. There are many reasons to be excited about 2015 for those involved in the Qatar construction industry. As things continue to go to plan of course there will be new record levels of investment. However, gaining entry into the market for new firms, or successfully bidding for new projects by incumbent companies, will be even more competitive and with greater client demands.

In response to the well-received ‘Marketing Master class’ feature in our October newsletter and supporting international construction companies in Qatar, this month Qatar Construction Review highlights key elements that companies must get right when putting together a flawless tendering proposal. We also interview Irene Moreno Communication Director at ULMA Drainage, as we look foreword to the Project Qatar business Intelligence Series, starting with next month’s Future Drainage Networks Qatar conference.


What are the elements of a complete tendering proposal?
  • Companies need to ascertain exactly what type of business opportunities they are going to bid for and plan accordingly.
    A strategy can then be put into place around this, including all commercial and technical considerations the tender must
    pass to be economically viable, technically suitable and of course brand enhancing.
  • All economical and technical considerations must also be re-evaluated at significant stages in the procedure. It might be necessary to withdraw, or indeed invest more – balanced against original assessments.
  • Outline what a partnership with you will bring to the table, added value and what is unique. Detail the communications mechanism for this in terms of deliverability and accountability.
  • Be well versed in the bid process and all rules of the application. 
  • Take into consideration all aspects of the client’s culture and what areas of the partnership will relate successfully with
    them. Take the necessary steps to bring one’s own cultural approach in line with the client’s.
  • Forensically assess what the client is communicating: listen to what the client is saying; understand what they really
    want and the things they may be concerned about. If necessary, reiterate back to the client what you have understood
    from their requirements.
  • Create specific management roles and responsibility and the communication procedures for them in your bid team. Individual experience and expertise should determine the roles assigned.
  • Spend enough time to be familiar with all members of the bid team and foster strong working relations. This will mean
    that the sum of parts are more than simply a paper partnership and will give the ability for the team to be dynamic,
    creative and of course reactive to the clients needs.
  • Encourage a strong culture of transparency and inquisitiveness within the partnership. Further, always be prepared to
    go back to the partnering organisation where necessary to be sure that time frames and expertise to the bid is maintained
    all the way through the process. Finally… in addition to exhibiting your specific technical solutions, clearly illustrate how
    your company operates as a consistent and capable organisation. Clients want to be assured as much as possible as to
    how the bid winner will work with them. Unsuccessful bids lost in the later stages of the process do not always question
    an organisations technical proficiency.

Please find below a list of upcoming conferences that are powered by Project Qatar, as part of the Project Qatar Business Intelligence Series with speaker and sponsorship opportunities. Qatar Construction Review will also be interviewing experts from related conference series industries and you may contact us if you wish to share your company expertise and market leading products or services.

Future Drainage Networks Qatar

03-Dec/04-Dec 2014

Intercontinental – The City Hotel Doha, Qatar

Specialized conference designed to meet the requirements of designing, constructing, refurbishing, operating and maintaining effective sewerage and drainage networks in Qatar.


AcousticsTech Qatar

10-Dec/11-Dec 2014

Intercontinental – The City Hotel Doha, Qatar

Qatar’s leading conference designed to tackle the challenges of enhancing building acoustics and construction noise control in Qatar’s rapidly expanding built environment.


InsulationTech Qatar

10-Dec/11-Dec 2014

Intercontinental – The City Hotel Doha, Qatar

Qatar’s specialised conference for building insulation designed to explore advanced building and thermal insulation materials, strategies and techniques to achieve optimum indoor environment quality.


Future BIM Implementation Qatar

06-Apr/07-Apr 2015

Doha, Qatar

Future BIM Implementation Qatar will address the growing use of BIM technologies in Qatar and explore how utilizing BIM can ensure that major construction and infrastructure projects are delivered to design specifications, within the agreed timelines and on budget.


LightingTech Qatar

04-May/05-May 2015

Qatar National Convention Centre, Doha, Qatar

Balancing design, engineering, compliance and the incorporation of developing technologies to meet the challenges and opportunities of Qatar’s rapidly developing lighting industry


HVACTech Qatar

06-May/07-May 2015

Qatar National Convention Centre, Doha, Qatar

A specialised forum for the local Qatari, Gulf and regional market to address the latest opportunities and challenges in the HVAC and cooling industries and showcase the latest technological solutions.


Looking foreword to next months Future Drainage Networks Qatar conference, we caught up with Irene Moreno from the market-leading international brand for drainage products – ULMA.

ULMA Drainage solutions


Ultimate drainage systems: ULMA Drainage Solutions

QCR: ULMA is one of the largest business groups in Spain, for those in Qatar that may not have heard of you, can you tell us about the group?

IR: Yes, We form part of ULMA Group one of the largest Business Groups in northern Spain with nearly 50 years of experience in the market and a clear commitment to Innovation, Employment and Added Value. The ULMA Group forms part of the MONDRAGON CORPORATION the largest Cooperative Group in the world.

ULMA Group in figures: 4.300 people working, 8 Companies, Present in 80 countries, the Group’s sales totalled 702 million euro in 2013. MONDRAGON CORPORATION in figures: More than 74.000 people working, 257 companies, 15 Technological centres and a University and 12.574 million euro in total revenue.

QCR: Impressive figures. ULMA is a global group, what solutions specifically can you offer the Qatari construction market?

IR: Drainage Solutions and Façade systems with polymer concrete panels.

QCR: Many of your products are made with polymer concrete, what is it exactly and how is it different from normal concrete?

IR: Polymer concrete is a high-quality material comprising a selected combination of silica and quartz aggregates, bound by stable polyester resins.

Worthy of special mention is its exceptional mechanical resistance (up to 4 times more resistant to compression than traditional concrete) allowing the production of light elements with reduced dimensions.

QCR: The ULMA drainage systems are beautifully designed and integrated into buildings – we have seen them at airports, sporting venues, parks, can they be used anywhere?

IR: Yes we have drainage solution for any drainage needs; we also offer comprehensive solutions for the project that need it.

QCR: Is the group experienced in working in the Middle East?

IR: We have installed our drainage solutions so far in Dubai, and we are willing to continue giving solutions to this important part of the world.

QCR: Why should architects consider using your products for projects in Qatar?

IR: These are some of the advantages that set us apart:

  • Personalised service and advice.
  • Close relationship with the client.
  • Widest range on the market of channels, gratings and accessories: a complete drainage system.
  • Product developed and certified in accordance with the UNE EN-1433 Standard.
  • Constant innovation in product R&D.
  • We provide our clients with a complete Technical Brochure, serving as the ideal back up for engineers and prescribers as a whole.
  • Hydraulic calculation Optimal Drain: To ensure that the drainage systems proposed are the most suitable ones, ULMA Architectural Solutions puts at your disposal a computer programme which affords the possibility of carrying out a hydraulic calculation for each project.


For further information you can contact Maria Serna mserna@ulmaarchitectural.comTel.: +33 632 20 16 44 at ULMA Drainage Solution.



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