Project Qatar 2015

Project Qatar Industry Review – February 2015

The future is bright the future is now for companies in Qatar

The compound annual growth rates (CAGR) for the Qatar construction industry between 2009 and 2013 was recorded at 8.35%. This was due to the government’s infrastructure programmes as well as commercial and private construction projects. Forecasts for the next few years have considered most notably, The National Vision 2030, the diversification strategies by the authorities, and preparations for the 2022 FIFA World Cup. By necessity, this has meant a closer focus by the government on infrastructure and commercial projects, as many of them underpin and indeed are necessary for the overall construction progress of the country. It is not surprising then that the construction industry has forecasts for the period between 2014-2018 as having a 13.28% CAGR.

Last week, the Coface Group produced a MENA report, highlighting Qatar as having the strongest GDP forecast for 2015. The government commitment and increased levels of investment lends for a very positive outlook for the construction industry.

Project Qatar 2015

We can expect much of the preparatory work for 2022 to also get underway this year, so the 13.28% forecasted CAGR for the construction industry seems well founded. Indeed the total value of construction projects in the planning and executions stage between 2014-2018 is valued at around US$17.6 billion dollars. Transportation infrastructure projects accounts for over 40% of the government spend for construction. This includes many projects in the pipeline with investments in commercial construction valued at US$879 million, US$467 million for industrial buildings, US$10.5 billion in transport infrastructure and almost US$2 billion four housing developments.

There will also be the much-needed investment in the country’s education facilities as highlighted in the National Vision 2030, which is overloaded, in order to be able to deal with the rapid increases in the population. However, in the past 18 months the Public Works Authority has begun rolling out their plans in earnest. Contracts worth US$549 million for 44 new schooling facilities were issued in July 2013 and more recently the announcement in March of last year that a further US$ 62 billion would be spent on the building of 85 new schools. These projects are to be completed before 2018.

As the construction industry in Qatar prepares for what will be a considerable year of progression then, it is not surprising that throughout the whole of last month, there have been constant reports regarding the power rental market in the country. Suppliers have been jostling in anticipation of the huge increase in demand for their services owing to the imminent commencement of further construction projects this year. Some reports even have the power rental market as having a 23% CAGR between 2014 and 2020. If you really want to track the rapid pace of construction development over the next few months, then the equipment rental market in Qatar will be surely indicative.


The Dirextra Construction Business School has the objective of adding value to entrepreneurial spirit not only to produce “Business” but also to spread specific knowledge in the construction and oil & gas sectors.

They are specifically concerned with the international construction sector (engineers, architect and lawyers), directed towards those that, after their degree or during their professional careers, intend to undertake an in-depth study and qualification process of their skills and competencies and of course their talent in General Contracting for large works.

They handle the following:

  • Design, organize and execute post-graduate Master’s programs in the construction and oil & gas sectors, in partnership with renowned universities.
  • They particularly specialize in Construction Project Management and Business Administration covering the development of know-how in Management and Business Administration and in general initiatives that are relevant for General Contractors that operate around the world.
  • Among their successes they want to highlight their “Construction MBA named COMBA” and their “Master in Business Engineers Construction Sector”.
  • Design, organize and execute training initiatives directed to the graduate market, assistant managers and managers in construction and oil and gas companies, as well as training initiatives on specific topics such as Bid Tender Contracts and Contracts Management.

The school’s Master’s programs have the main purpose of placing students in unpaid training for six months within a sponsoring construction company. Their Master’s Programs for Engineers, Attorneys, Company Economists and Accountants for the construction and oil & gas sectors, are creating 100% employment today.

Programs Master of reference are as follows

  • Master Business Engineers Construction Sector and Oil and Gas (in English or Italian), length one year
  • Master of Business Lawyers Construction Sector (in Italian) length one year
  • MBA (COMBA-MBA in Construction in collaboration with LUISS) entirely (in English) and the duration of 17 months
  • Master Controllers D’Impresa Construction Sector and Oil and Gas (in English or Italian) length one year
  • Master Project Management and Construction Sector Oil and Gas (in English or Italian) length one year

Local and international Qatar construction companies interested can arrange initial interviews via Skype to be able to choose among the students available. Qatari companies have been especially welcomed to make a presentation to the Dirextra Master Programmes.

Dirextra say that their internship programmes are also an opportunity to get to know the guys from the Master programmes directly and for the students to get to know construction companies.

Moreover, whether companies retain the professionals in the longer term, the graduates will be placed at the sites of major construction companies that have been sponsoring the Master for many years including Salini-Impregilo, CMC, Bonatti, Sicim, Ghella, Rizzani De Eccher, Medgulf Construction and many others so they might meet them on the field in the near future.

For further information on this including full course modules or students CV’s please contact Carmen Andre at Dirextra:



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