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Paints. Enamels. Building protection.Thermal insulation

Caparol Company develops, produces and markets high quality emulsions, enamels, decorative and structural coatings as well as insulation technology.

We are the market leader for construction paints in Germany, Austria and Turkey with approximately €1.4 billion in turnover, as well as being the third largest company in Europe within this segment. The group is headquartered in the northern Odenwald region of Germany, about 35 km from Frankfurt’s Rhein-Main Airport.

The successful growth of our family company is primarily due to our innovative workforce and the close relationships we nurture with our customers. We feel proud of our ability to understand the different needs of the markets we serve. Due to the market growth in the United Arab Emirates and the rest of the region, the management of Caparol UAE and the DAW Group Board of Directors (the mother company of the Caparol brand in Germany) decided to strengthen its local and regional presence with a state-of-the-art factory located in the iconic city of Dubai, fully equipped to meet the current and future requirements of the region.

Since its foundation, Caparol has helped contribute to the building sector’s architectural creativity through the development of high quality, innovative and environmentally friendly paints. We value and strive to maintain the trust and satisfaction of our customers and are committed to using our international knowledge and experience to continuously develop innovative products and services. We hope that our customers in the region can enjoy the best of German paint technology and use it to better protect and design their living, recreational and workspaces.

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