Advertising or Branding…what works best for you?

Too may companies underestimate the value and power of branding and all too often see advertising and marketing as the main tool. Both strategies have to be deployed, however in many instances sponsorship packages are greatly undervalued… see Emirates article here.


Published: 24 February 2015
By: Editorial Staff

Fifa’s report clears Qatar of corruption in the 2022 World Cup bidding process but criticises the English Football Association

Published: 14 November 2014
By: Editorial Staff


The 2018 and 2022 FIFA World Cup tournaments will go ahead as scheduled and there will not be a revote. This will be welcomed news for many however at Qatar Construction Review we have always maintained it is a question of when in 2022 the tournament would be held, not where. There are many international contractors working alongside local companies in Qatar and we are sure Qatar will deliver a spectacular tournament.

For international Qatar construction companies, Qatar is the right place to be seeking overseas work at the moment.  Government spending levels on infrastructure projects is set to continue for the foreseeable future and the market here is very stable politically and economically.





FIFA score again…

Published: 12 November 2014
By: Editorial Staff

Qatar Construction Review | Construction companies in Qatar blatter

Off the record, right?

Today FIFA has sought to distance itself from reports in some European media that Blatter made remarks at a dinner in Oslo last month stating, “the 2022  World Cup won’t take place in Qatar”. FIFA it was stated were actually planning to strip Qatar of 2022 World Cup.

However, in a statement to the IBTimes today FIFA has strongly refuted the claims, reiterating that the 2022 tournament would go ahead in Qatar. They say the claims in the German newspaper Der Spiegel are unfounded and do not give a fair representation of what actually transpired that evening.

Last week senior FIFA delegates met in Zurich to debate the possibility of moving the Qatar 2022 World Cup to the winter months in Qatar. In fact, on the table were indeed two possible winter dates for the tournament: January/February or November/December.

The European Club Association (ECA) suggested another option to that of holding the tournament between 28 April and 29 May. However, this would clash with Ramadan that year.

In addition to all of that, the Association of European Professional Football Leagues (EPFL which includes the English Premier League, the Spanish La Liga and the German Bundesliga), proposed the 2022 FIFA World Cup beginning later in May and finishing in June.

So whilst we were digesting the merits of the respective proposed dates for hosting the tournament in Qatar – and some adverse reports that armed guards were required to aid Blatter leave a talk which had been ambushed at a university he was giving last week, we have been updated today about comments allegedly made at a dinner last month.

What are we to make of all this? For a start, much criticism has been levied at Qatar and FIFA usually as one entity. In our view this is a wholly unfair premiss. Being ambitious in terms of wanting to host and deliver a spectacular tournament on the world stage, is quite different from being the governing body of the sport in question.

Many countries seek to host international sporting celebrations – like the FIFA World Cup, however no other sporting governing bodies have been ridiculed and scrutinised as much as FIFA has been over the years.

With the developments that have been underway in the country, we have no doubt that Qatar will deliver a spectacular tournament in 2022.