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Burgess CEP is formed, June 2014

Burgess CEP was formed in June 2014 and includes the acquisition of Burgess Architectural Products and integration of CEP Ceilings Ltd, an existing Xerxes Equity Ltd subsidiary. By bringing together these two well established ceiling tile manufacturers, customers can look forward to an increased product offering, a refreshed market approach and a great partner for all their ceiling requirements.

Burgess in 1928

The original Burgess Company in Hinckley was founded in 1928 and it started manufacturing silencing equipment for the automotive industry two years later. Its silencing techniques soon found other outlets and by 1936 Burgess was supplying equipment for the quietening of aero engine test sheds and wind tunnels. Soon it was developing a range of silencing equipment to deal with practically all forms of airborne noise.

Product development in 1938

By 1938 perforated plaster and metal tray type acoustic ceiling tiles were being produced, although in relatively small quantities compared with the present output which is concentrated on steel systems. Production of the Company’s present range of steel suspended ceiling systems commenced in 1952 and throughout the ensuing years a progressive programme of research and development has been maintained.

One of Europe’s most respected manufacturers

Having accumulated many years’ experience in the field of environmental engineering, it is the Company’s continuing aim to keep in the forefront of development in this important sphere and to maintain its recognised position as one of Europe’s most respected and expert manufacturers of its current product range.

In August, 1973 Burgess Architectural Products became an individual operating Company in the Burgess Group and in September, 2007 the company was bought from TT Group.

The company is well placed to support its clients in both the UK and abroad being strategically located in the Midlands close to key motorways, several mainline railway stations and airports at Birmingham and East Midlands.

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